We are best at what we offer for our clients! Our efficient knowledge and expertise in all the categories of services we provide enables us to deliver excellent results. We have a strong background.

Forecast Talent Needs

Marquee forecast the talent needs as emerging market needs. According to measured forecast, Marquee focus on talent search in needs. Sometimes resources knowledge is near to needs but not fulfill complete demand of needs. In this case Marquee invest for talent training programs for resources.

This forecast helps to clients when it comes for emergency requirement of human resources. Also Marquee helps to their existing customers to provide forecast measures of their future needs.

Resource Requirement Consulting

Marquee helps their customers to support in choosing right human resource by following ways. Marquee objective is to provide value to the customers. We provide our best effort to provide right resources with less expensive.

  • Technology trends
  • Emerging needs
  • High expensive resources
  • Low expensive resources
  • Experience matters
  • Resources highly available technologies
  • Resources not available technologies
  • Choosing suitable resource to requirements

Short Term Contracts

Marquee provide short term contracts with reasonable to rate card. Short term normally depends on technology needs, resource experience requirement. It varies from 3 months to 6 months.

Long Term Contracts

Marquee deserve to serve long term contracts by provide value addition to the customers. We work very reasonable price offerings for the customers in mutual benefit.

Permanent Placements

Marquee understands client needs and importance of resources to clients. Marquee also offers permanent placements in some certain demands from clients in mutually beneficial way.

Work Offsite Model

Work Offsite Model is our exclusive service to our customers. We offer unbelievable price to this model of program.

Some of clients wants to use this program for their beneficial. In this model, resources works from our location, we provide environment and infrastructure according to customer needs. This is really very good program for customers who has environment or location issues. With this our unique model many customers getting benefited.